Jon is a proud life-long resident of Missouri. Jon spent his early childhood in Springfield, MO, went to middle and high school in St. Louis, lived in Columbia for college, and went to law school in Kansas City, where he has practiced law his entire career.  Jon has always had a passion for defending the constitution and upholding the rights of each and every person, no matter the circumstances. Jon's passion for helping individuals and holding the government accountable for its actions led Jon to pursue a career focused primarily on criminal defense work. While in law school, Jon worked for a law firm specializing in complex criminal litigation, and was an intern with both the Midwest Innocence Project and the Missouri State Public Defender. Jon also received the award for most outstanding student in the field of criminal justice.


As a criminal trial attorney, Jon has handled more than a thousand criminal cases over his career. Jon recognizes the value of having a quality lawyer on your team when the government puts all its power behind obtaining a conviction. Jon has tried more than 30 cases to verdict in which clients were charged with criminal offenses including murder in the first degree, murder in the second degree, arson, rape, forcible sodomy, robbery, burglary, assault, DWI, and possession of drugs, among others. Jon has also lectured and taught other lawyers, law clerks and law students on significant issues relating to criminal law, such as eyewitness identification, suppression issues and bond practices.


Now in private practice, Jon primarily handles higher-level felony offenses. Jon fights for his clients no matter the charge, case or circumstances. Jon will employ investigators and expert witnesses to attack any charges the government may bring against an individual or company.


Additionally, Jon has recently branched out his practice to include criminal appellate work and also defense of an individual's constitutional rights by the government. When going up against the government, it's absolutely necessary to have an attorney on your side that will fight for you no matter the allegations and that will hold the government accountable to follow the constitution and rule of law to see that a person's liberty is not unjustly taken. Jon is just that attorney. Contact his office today to speak to Jon for a free consultation.



  • University of Missouri-Kansas City

    • Juris Doctorate - 2012

    • Honors:

      • CALI Award - Applied Federal Evidence and Criminal Procedure

      • Ralph S. Latshaw Award - Most Outstanding Student in the Study of Criminal Justice

      • Dean's List

  • University of Missouri-Columbia

    • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (2008)

    • Staff writer for the Student Newspaper


Past Legal Employment:

  • Missouri State Public Defender (2013- July 2017)

    • Jackson County Trial Office

  • Wyrsch Hobbs Mirakian, P.C. (2010-2013)

    • Law Clerk


Presentations and Publications:

  • Eyewitness Identification Issues (2016)

    • Missouri State Public Defender CLE

    • Small Group Instructor 

  • Motion Practice: Suppression Issues (2015-2016)

    • University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School

  • Suppression Issues Given Advancing Technology (2015-2016)

    • CLE for the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit Law Clerks

  • Admitting Electronically Stored Information at Trial (2013)

    • Flim and the Law CLE Series at University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School

  • ABA Criminal Litigation Committee (2011-2012)

    • August Annual Criminal Law Update

Pro Bono Services:

  • Street Medicine KC (2019-present)

    • Board of Directors